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We’re glad you’re here!

Welcome to Foodsfunda. If you find your way here, this is probably because you love to cook. Like Me! On my blog, where you’ll find easy, yummy, tried, and tested recipes for every purpose made with ingredients from every day! I take the food and good ingredients seriously, and I think the cooking is supposed to be fun and recipes, flexible. They all come complete with photo and step-by-step detailed instructions, it helps you succeed in your kitchen.

You can find so many delicious recipes here, so check out the Recipes section and browse through all your favorites! We provide lots of Veg, Non-Veg, Snacks, Desserts, and other delicious recipes, which is very very easy to cook.

Some of our favorite posts include:

1] Baby Kima Roll
2] Sojne Phuler Posto
3] Carrot Pancake
4] Soya Achar

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Hi! now a little something about me. Soma is a daughter and homemaker from two lovely Bengali families. At present, I live with my husband in Kolkata. I am also a recipe developer and food photographer of this my food blog. Years ago I worked full time in a share trading firm, now I’m totally FREE and my full focus on cooking. You should know I’m completely obsessed with the food. I daydream about new recipes, and when it comes to the kitchen, I’m not fully self-educated and I’m always learning as I go through cookbooks, magazines, newspapers, cooking shows, the Internet, and a huge amount of trial and error. Although I must thank my mom for teaching me the basics. I have always been strongly attracted to my mother’s cooking. She is a good cook and is one of the best friends of mine.

The power behind this blog is my husband Ron, he’s the taste tester, the web designer, and last but not least, my greatest supporter and strength pillar. The love of food for my hubby acted as a catalyst for my love of cooking and culinary experiments.

As a food blogger, I don’t admit myself as a cooking expert, to me, the taste and perfection come only through practice, so don’t be afraid! I love taking pictures of food and hope my pictures and simple directions will inspire you to step into the kitchen to prepare a delicious, nutritious meal for your loved ones.

I need your constant suggestions, support, feedback, and comments to do these things in a better and better way, so please be there for me, always.

Thank You! 🙂